What Is HAMradiocoin?

The Bitcoin revolution has been on the minds of most people and for a good reason too.

The cryptocurrency is growing in adoption as well as strength making it a most likely replacement for current traditional currencies.  At the same time, the possibility of it all coming crashing down is also quite high and presents a huge gap.

What If The Internet Goes Down?

What would happen to digital block chains if the internet were, for one reason or the other, to stop functioning. Interestingly, the solution lies in a much older technology, the ham radio.

A HAMradiocoin Review written by: dig3nius

The HamRadioCoin Solution

hamradiocoin imageUsed by radio operators all around the world, ham radio can work using just the usual radio waves.  Certain cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers have endorsed the use of Ham Radio as a way of ensuring the continuation and survival of digital currency.

As a result, the HamRadioCoin was introduced. The coin does not require the internet in order to work since block chains are transmitted using radio networks.

HAM Mining

Currently, the coin requires a SHA256D proof of work in order to mine the coins. The current total number of coins is 21 million with the reward for each block being 50 coins. This reward halves every 50,000 blocks with a 3 minute interval. The difficulty retargets every 10 blocks making the entire ecosystem secure and efficient.


With a dedicated cryptocurrency for Ham radio enthusiasts and professionals alike, this new coin will most likely see a huge growth in the coming years just like we are seeing with the growth of Bitcoin and other alt coins.  One can even buy them with a credit card these days.


In addition to the dedicated cryptocurrency channel, the Ham radio team also proposes a global communication channel in case of any eventuality that will knock out the internet as we know it.

This can be of great help for countries that are faced with a natural or a political disaster. It also presents an alternative way of sustaining digital currency and ensuring that it survives no matter what.


There are a number of coin exchanges available all over the internet where you can easily exchange one coin for another. This exchange is usually determined by the relative worth of each of the coins you want to trade in at the time.


In conclusion, digital currency has grown a lot since the introduction of the Bitcoin in 2008. With the internet being used for most current transactions, there is need for an alternative channel that can survive even with the loss of the internet.

Ham radio has been in use for a very long time and is capable of global communication using only radio waves. The connected nature of this network makes it a great way to transfer digital currency thanks to the HamRadioCoin.